Lake Park Lutheran

Tonight I entertained at the Lake Park Lutheran Christmas party, held in the sanctuary. There was a nice turnout. I know most of the people since my Uncle Bob was pastor there for seventeen years.

I did a whole program--mostly speaking and playing some music which seemed appropriate--Chopin, Greensleeves, Joy to the World, some Joplin. Then, I said, let's finish with Silent Night.

One woman objected. "I am not leaving until I hear Willie Nelson," she said. The others chimed in. So, I sang Willie Nelson, then George Jones, and then they seemed happy singing Silent Night.

Afterwards, there was a Lutheran lunch of ham sandwiches, jello salad and Christmas goodies downstairs. I had a fun time visiting.

One stern-looking man came up to me and started talking. I was almost worried he thought some of my readings were a bit irreverent. Without smiling, he said, "You know, I sometimes tink we take ourselves to seriously."

I laughed, in part because such a sentiment was coming from such a serious place.

Then he went on: "You know, it might be good if we more frequently broke out into song!"

I laughed harder, and agreed. He walked away, barely having broken a smile.

Under all those stern Scandanavian faces are people just wanting to have fun, apparently.