Review day

Today in class we just reviewed the material. The running joke is, if the students don't ask questions about the material on the exam, I am free to talk about anything I wish, and I did. World War II, Vietnam War, Teddy Roosevelt, all things irrelevant to the exam.

One of the students offered a story. He went to kindergarten having just turned five. The first day, he was on the merry-go-round and found he had to pee. So, he just went to the edge and peed off into space as the merry-go-round turned. That seemed best to him!

Well, the authorities sent him home and told his Mom, "Let's try again next year."

"I didn't know any better!" he protested, wondering what his life would have been like if he had finished school a year ahead of when he did.

One student brought a bottle of Coke with some cups to pass around. So, we had a little party. Of course, some students want no part of it and fall asleep. But that's the risk you take. I hate things to be all business all the time!