On the road

Brother Joe took Lance and I down to the Cities today--after we all partook in a wonderful Christmas Day meal at Aunt Ede's.

We got to our hotel by the airport and checked in. The first room was freezing. The window was open, and wouldn't shut. I went back to the front desk and was given key cards to a second room.

We got into the second room and it wasn't cleaned yet. So we got a third room, and it was cold, but the window shut and the heater worked. So, victory!

Then we were told that there was a restaurant open about 1/2 mile away. We took off walking. One-half hour later, we still hadn't reached the restaurant. We stopped at another hotel and they said the restaurant was still too far away to walk. So, they called us a cab.

Mohammed was our cab driver, and he wasn't big on all this Christmas stuff. I said that was okay, I am not either.

We got a meal and afterwards called another cab. Six hours from now, the wake-up call will come and we'll be off to China.