Internet returns

This morning, internet service was non-existent between Asia and America. Tonight, it seems perfectly fine. So, I will be able to post again.

It is difficult to know where to start. We just returned on the train from Suzhou back to Shanghai. We spent last night in Suzhou after touring the old city. Today, we went to a 1,000-year-old garden and then a recently built art museum.

But the real thing we do all the time is eat. We eat three times per day, and we always, always, always, eat very, very, well. The food is spectacular.

Last night, we ate out in Suzhou. The traditional restaurant in that 2,500-year-old city puts each party in a private room with a dedicated server. So, we were well-taken care of. We were guests of a teacher and former colleague of cousin Roy at the Suzhou Middle School, a modern-sounding name for a school which recently celebrated its 1,000th anniversary.

Amongst the items on the menu last night: Squirrel fish, jellyfish, eel, and a whole bunch of vegetables I have never eaten before. Each day brings new adventures in dining, and all of them have been good.

Today, the four of us ate at a dumpling place in Suzhou. We had perhaps 10 dishes, including 60 dumplings. We spent an hour eating and drinking coconut milk and wheat tea (a drink made from roasted wheat--very good). The total cost for the meal was under $9.

So, life is good in China. Tomorrow night, we go up to Beijing. It is colder there, so we might have to pick up some long underwear.