Mysterious Light

Here is the Mysterious Light Pagoda in Suzhou, China. It is 1,000 years old. That is to say, something has been on that site for 1,000 years. Because it is made of wood, one suspects it has been rebuilt several times.

The name of the pagoda is the result of the sometimes subtle Chinese aesthetic: Indeed, as the sun set in the Suzhou haze, the quality of the light was that of a late summer evening after a thunderstorm has passed. Golden, rich, surreal.

I say the Chinese aesthetic is sometimes subtle. The gardens of Suzhou are subtle. But the streets of Shanghai are anything but subtle! If you like neon, don't waste your time on Times Square--get to Shanghai. I understand that Hong Kong is much the same.

Even the overpasses in Shanghai are lit with neon. It provides a very unmysterious light.