Joe Mauer will be okay

I'll get to that in a moment.

But first, some background. I had a meeting tonight of our local Early Childhood Initiative. We are trying to figure out how to help young children. We will be working with a grant from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. I am on their board. So I was at the local meeting in a dual capacity.

Also at the meeting was the mother of my friend Cynthia, a fourth grader, and the youngest known daily reader of this weblog. As the meeting progressed, Cynthia came in after basketball practice (in fourth grade?) in her uniform (in fourth grade?) with her last name printed on the back (in fourth grade?).

Cynthia plopped down in the chair next to me and quickly picked up on the jist of the meeting. We were discussing what might be a nice gift for local child-care providers--some books with ideas for games, etc., with pre-schoolers, or some activities, or educational toys, or some games, or...what?

Cynthia whispers to me, "They have a shelf of books like this at daycare. They don't need any more books, what they need are some craft supplies."

Well! I decided to share Cynthia's opinions with the group, and it is likely that her opinion will carry the day.

So, as the meeting was breaking up, Cynthia and I were kibbutzing about the Twins. Cynthia is getting to be a bigger Twins fan than I am. She visits their website every day, and she has memorized the middle names of all the players (I kid you not) so she can properly scold them when they screw up. For instance, when Joe Mauer strikes out, she yells "Joseph Patrick Mauer!" at the television.

None of her family objects to this because it takes some of the pressure off them.

This is the girl who overheard complain to her father that the insurance company was making me move my wood stove forty more feet from the house. She didn't act like she understood at the time, but six months later when she visited with her parents, the first thing she said when she got out of the car was, "You were supposed to have that stove moved six months ago!"

Anyway, I casually mentioned to Cynthia that Joe Mauer had injured his leg. I had no idea that Cynthia would take the news so hard. She broke into tears! I felt bad that I had even brought it up, because Joe Mauer is going to be okay, and it isn't going to be a long-term problem, we hope.