Melt picks up

It is going to remain above freezing all night tonight. That is when things start to dry out and the remaining snow goes fast. We still need rain, so if any of those predictions come true, I don't think anybody would argue.

The yard at the nursery is a mud hole. My pickup is covered in mud, but why wash it until it the puddles dry out?

Flocks of geese are flying low. They don't land in my swamp because there's not enough water. It is nice to hear them honking. It is a sign of spring.

WENT into the Fertile Hilton today on a cookie mission. Successfully smuggled out another zip lock bag full. Aunt Olla is now out of zip lock bags, so I will have to bring some more in so she can continue to hoard the cookies.

When I arrived today, Olla was busy clipping coupons for vitamins. If she uses even half of the coupons she clipped, she will empty her bank account completely.

I also brought in some clippings of a newspaper article about the McCoy Ministries out of Jamestown, ND. Olla is a big fan. The old Rev. McCoy started his radio show during World War II from his living room. His wife played the piano and sang, and he gave a message. If I remember right, he would plow right through the entire Old Testament, taking a few years to do it, expositing each verse.

I remember my Grandpa listening to McCoy while he sorted trees down in the old cellar. McCoy had a trombone monotone voice, an old-time radio voice, which he didn't modulate as equipment improved in the 1970s. So, he always sounded a bit like Ed Murrow reporting from London, which I suspect was part of his appeal.

Rev. McCoy and his wife are long dead, but his grandson is carrying on the ministry.

However, the main issue is that Rev. McCoy often talked about his relations, the McCoys who fought with the Hatfields in Kentucky. Of course, that branch of his family provided a great example of the fall of man.

But, by marriage, it turns out that we are related to boththe Hatfields and McCoys. My Aunt Jean is from southern Indiana, and she is tied in to both sides of the clan feud.

So, Aunt Olla deduced, much to her satisfaction, we are actually related to the McCoys of the McCoy Ministries in Jamestown!

I told Olla I would put that one on my resume.

Resident numbers are up at the Hilton, Olla reports, so the higher ups look a little more relaxed. It was tough for a while this winter when numbers suffered due to attrition of various sorts.

Olla is still getting along famously with her new roomate Bernice. You'd think they were college freshmen the way they gab and carry on.

So, all is well at the Hilton.

Tomorrow, I provide entertainment for the REA annual meeting in Halstad. If memory serves me correctly, they have a good piano and a nice sound system. I think I'll mention something about the 1952 project just to see if I get any feedback after the program.

The biggest game for Halstad that year was the region final against heavily favored Thief River Falls. The game was played in Thief River. Halstad won after overcoming an 11-point fourth quarter deficit.

Today, I called the assistant coach for that Thief River team. He lives in Wisconsin. I explained my purpose in calling. As soon as I mentioned the word "Halstad," he said, "Oh, you would punch me in the gut like that." He was still upset at the officiating, and he remembered the names of the officials.

Turns out the man was considered an unofficial assistant coach because he was such a big fan. It was sort of a running joke. One of my sources must have thought it would be funny to have me call him and ask about his assistant coaching career, when in fact he just sat in the stands and yelled a lot.