The fogs of March

Beautiful, foggy, warm day today. Where there were snowbanks or fields of ice on the lakes, fog steamed up. I got out to take pictures of the bridge across the Red River south of Grand Forks. 

I can't decide whether I like the wide view or the narrow view. 

Later on, I drove over to friend Garth and Colleen's place. On the way, I passed one of Garth's grass fields. The dead grass contrasted nicely with the willow and the bruise-colored sky. 

Here a couple of geese walk on the ice on a pond along the Fertile-Winger road. Fog rises from the ice in the background. 

Closer to home, I found a scene which to me exemplified March bleakness.

Finally, I talked below about fourth-grader friend Cynthia's fondness for Joe Mauer. I didn't realize she had the full garb and is practicing hard as a catcher for her brother Grant. Here she signals a curve. Grant, 7, prefers to throw fastballs, and he has a good one, so if Cynthia calls curves and Grant objects, she has to go out to the mound for a very serious visit.