Yesterday I had a fascinating phone interview with a Mr. Roger Williamson, the center for the Thief River Falls basketball team in 1952. Williamson was the star of that team, which was expected to go to state, but which was upset by tiny Halstad in the region final.

It was gracious of Mr. Williamson to give me an interview about one of the lowest points in his life. "That game changed our lives," he said.

That sentiment might routine from a person who spent the next 55 years draped over a barstool. But Mr. Williamson went on to West Point, rose to the rank of full colonel in the Air Force, worked as a military attache in several countries, then retired and became a successful money manager.

And even so, the loss to Halstad ranks as one of the most difficult moments in his life. The entire town of Thief River Falls was devastated. One of the players disappeared into the Beltrami forest for 10 days.

Basketball was a big deal back then.

TWINS: Okay, I won't rail against Carlos Silva. Other bloggers and the entire sports-writing staff of the Star Tribune are riding Gardenhire to get rid of Silva and start Garza. I think Silva's on a short rope now, so it is a matter of time.

Twins beat the Yankees yesterday, but it is pre-season so it doesn't matter.