Summer heat

The heat and humidity have hit full force. Thanks goodness for air conditioning.

The air conditioner at the Swamp Castle has been struggling to keep up. When it got warm last week, I was sweating it out. Heating and cooling man Brian came yesterday and it with freon. Right away things cooled down. Best of all, the air conditioner started sucking the humidity right out of the house. The pipe draining the unit was running a steady stream. It is hard for me to imagine that much moisture being in the air. I didn't drink it, although I suppose it is distilled and wouldn't hurt.

I am storekeeping this morning, a relatively benign task. I gawk in wonder as women pick up stone rabbits and clay birds and then debate over which one they need. Ahem. You don't need any of them! I want to say, but of course my better nature takes over and I take their money.

The spray planes are droning in the background. The drone of spray planes and the whir of fans: two of summer's trademark sounds.

THE TWINS choked away a game last night against the mediocre Florida Marlins. I watched the entire sordid affair, including Justin Morneau's collision with the Marlin's catcher. He came out of the incident coughing up blood and was later diagnosed with a bruised lung. He will miss the next two games. Watch the Twins' run production plummet.