Leave it to the Chinese...

Last winter before I went to China, I saw a quote which said something to the effect that China has one billion people who don't follow instructions. That observation was borne out during our visit.

In that light, Cousin Roy, our host in China last winter, wrote tonight:

Yesterday I was stocking up at Carrefour (the supermarket). As I was slowly pushing my fairly full cart towards the cashier…all 57 registers were open and slowly….very slowly….functioning….I noticed that Carrefour had given up on the “Only 10 Items” lines. (I had remarked previously that the sign had no effect.) Now, wisely, they had changed the sign to “Baskets Only” and installed a barrier mounted in the concrete floor that restricted the width of the line. No way could you get a shopping cart through. This should work.

After so many years in China, I had, yet again, underestimated the Chinese. A woman with an overflowing shopping cart was trying to force her cart into the ”Baskets Only” lane. However, no matter how hard she pushed she couldn’t budge either the barrier or the check-in counter itself. No one seemed to pay any attention, neither customers nor Carrefour employees. I smiled.

But, not to be deterred, the woman summoned her husband and told him to push the counter aside. Heave. Heave. Heave. Heave. Finally…success! He had moved the counter just enough so that she could push her cart into the lane.