Went up to Crookston today to play for the residents at the Villa St. Vincent assisted living. Most of the people were familiar. I have been up there several times, both at the nursing home and at the assisted living.

We had a good time. The residents were seated around several tables pushed together, so they were in sort of a semi-circle with me at the open end playing piano. That arrangement leant itself to questions and give-and-take. The people were knowledgable about music. The piano was a bit of a challenge since two or three vital keys simply didn't play. That can throw you off when you are in the middle of a piece. But otherwise, the big old upright piano was in good shape.

Mathilda Moe was there. Mathilda is mother to former state Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe. She inadvertently had her a big moment of fame about five years ago when Roger was about to announce his intentions in the governor's race. Some reporter from the Star Tribune got ahold of Mathilda two days of the scheduled announcement, and she said, goodness, I don't know why Roger's running, but I suppose that's what he wants to do...and other motherly comments which had the effect of spilling the beans before the actual announcement.

Even though Roger ended up losing to Tim Pawlenty, Mathilda's moment was the highlight of the campaign. She was over ninety at the time. She still looks great. Any time I speak in Crookston, she's right there, which is fun.

Today, Mathilda told me she is practicing picking out hymns on an organ which was recently donated to the Villa. She wants to learn to play by ear. She does wish she had started earlier, but no reason not to start now.

That's the spirit!

THIS EVENING, I ended up watching the Twins over at the home of my friends Cynthia and Grant. Cynthia is in fifth grade, and one of her big worries right now (besides her constant worry that her hero Joe Mauer might get injured again) is that Carlos Silva isn't trusting his sinker ball enough.

Mauer was designated hitter tonight while Mike Redmond relieved him at catcher. It took me a while to figure out why Cynthia was criticizing the catcher's calls on pitches. Every Toronto hit was Redmond's fault. Well, of course. It was because Joe Mauer wasn't catching. And he's perfect.

SPEAKING OF PERFECT, the weather today was grand. I think it barely got into the mid-sixties. Cloudy. I could put up with this for weeks. I don't like heat, unless I am inside in the air conditioning. But mid-sixties--that is heaven.