Twins troubles

Losing three games to Toronto is not a good deal. Especially when I know that my friends Grant and Cynthia were attending the games in Toronto. They got three bummers.

It is time to pull the plug on this season and move on. That means:

1) Trade Torii Hunter. He is unlikely to return after the end of the season. He is having a great year at the bat, so he should bring something in return. But despite his good statistics, he is making boneheaded plays both in the field and on the bases. Last night, he made two big mistakes on the bases, one which cost the Twins dearly.

2) Get a good hitting third baseman. There are some available on the trade market. It looks like the Twins are bringing up a third baseman from Rochester who has been hitting well, but nobody seems to think of him as a long-term solution.

3) Trade Rincon. He's done. Other teams are desperate for relief help. The Twins could get good return on him.

4) Consider trading Silva. He might still bring something. Give the entire rotation over to the young guys. There's nothing to lose. Every game of experience, they will get better. That is something which probably should have been done this spring.

5) Send Kubel to the minors. He has flashes of competence, but then he lapses back into taking too many pitches. He has struck out looking twenty-four times this season. That is too many. Get the bat off your shoulders, young man. And prove that you can do it during your month in Rochester.

6) Keep Tyner, but dump Lew Ford. Ford has shown nothing whatsoever in the past two years. Oakland might want him. Tyner, meanwhile, isn't too bad as a fill-in.

7) This may sound strange, but the Twins should consider trading Joe Nathan. He is the best in the game, and they might get three very good players for him. He is underused with the Twins, and Neshek is fully capable of being the closer. Nathan is a great player, but having two great relievers who can close a game might be a luxury the Twins shouldn't luxuriate in.

I think it is time to shake things up.