Aunt Olla is back at the Hilton recuperating from her heart attack. Last night, she called to remind me of her eye appointment which she thought was tomorrow, but which is in fact one week from now. After I told her that she was a week off, she said, "Uff, I must be slipping," only to add, "but that's to be expected!"

CONFESSION: I made the decision this week to start drinking coffee again. I had been groggy all August, finding it nearly impossible to get going in the morning, and I have a lot that needs to get done. So far, so good. I am getting up nice and early and keeping on throughout the day.

I am helping with a history seminar in the Thief River Falls each day this week. After the seminar ends in the afternoon, I go to the library and look through newspapers.

What a beautiful morning it is. There must be a lot of grain dust in the air as the sun is particularly golden.