Twins win again

It probably will jinx them for me to mention it here, but the Twins are on a five game win streak. They are still in the race, simply because neither Cleveland nor Detroit have managed to put the Central division away. I look forward to this week's games against Cleveland, especially Wednesday's battle between Santana and Sabathia.

I am sitting at the Urban Stampede coffee shop in Grand Forks. Earlier today, I worked at Barnes and Noble for several hours. Writing is easy at Barnes and Noble, but things are a little rowdy at the Urban Stampede. It is where students come with their books not to study. Sort of a hangout. I can tune it out for most of the time.

A few minutes ago it started pouring and the tornado sirens went off. We need the rain. I see on the radar that the southern edge of one cell is near the nursery. I do hope we get some precipitation, as things are suffering. It would be nice to have green grass in my yard again this summer.

Last week, painters came to restain the Swamp Castle. It is a good idea to stain the wood siding early and often, according to the house manufacturer. If you get a good seal on there, in later years you don't have to paint as much. But since I am scared of heights and can't seem to make a paintbrush go straight, I hired it done. The painters made quick work of the job, and did it very neatly. I admire people who can concentrate enough to not slip with a paintbrush. When writing, if you slip, you can erase the mistake later.