Public affairs

There's plenty going on in the world, but I haven't had the heart to comment on it as I doubt whether my ranting will change anybody's mind and talking public policy just scratches people the wrong way and they start ranting in return and the whole exchange can eat up one's day without anything being gained.

There are only two presidential candidates that warm my heart. One is Barack Obama. The other is Ron Paul. They really are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but they also offer some authentic philosophical thought other than what will it take to get me elected? Rudy Guiliani will eventually be exposed as an authority and secrecy freak to make Dick Cheney look like Mother Teresa. The more that gets out about him, the crazier he'll look. I say this after once thinking he'd be all right.

I took an online poll today on the issues forwarded to me by friend Colleen, and it came out that if I voted on the issues, I would favor Christopher Dodd, who, as far as I know, is best known as Ted Kennedy's drinking buddy. I mean, the guy's got a real problem with getting drunk and wrecking things and then paying the bill in the morning.

What about Hilary? Well, she's an adult. She's smart. She's disciplined. I think she'd do sensibly fine on the job. I wonder about the country going for Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. But if we do alternate dynasties, I think the last one to ascend to the throne will be the best of the four.

Aunt Olla is hoping to stay alive long enough to vote for Hilary for history's sake. That would be quite a thing--a woman who remembers when women couldn't vote voting for a woman for president.

My complaint over the past four or five elections has been lack of quality candidates. I don't think we can complain about that this time. As despicable as some of their posturing can be, we've got some talented and interesting candidates to choose from this time.