Youtube discovery

I have almost every one of organ virtuoso Virgil Fox's recordings, but because he died in 1980, just when I was becoming aware of him, I never did get to see him play. Now, thanks to Youtube, a bunch of old video of Fox has surfaced. Here is Virgil performing a version of "America" by Charles Ives. Look off to the side for more Virgil recordings.

Bach's Prelude and Fugue in A minor as played by Virgil Fox on this video, despite the poor sound quality, exemplifies both what I love about Bach, and why Virgil Fox was the greatest American organist ever. You have to be patient with Bach, a fugue doesn't really satisfy until the final chord. But Virgil makes this piece jump!

My apologies to those of you with slow connections. Youtube takes some time. Hit the pause button and go eat dinner and come back and you can watch the entire video uninterrupted. I just called in today to up my internet speed since I know I am going to be trolling for music for the next couple of months.