Wellington Hotel

After a three hour delay and a half-an-hour taxi ride at 1 a.m. from LaGuardia airport to Manhattan, we arrived at the Hotel Wellington. The lobby was a bit sleazy, and nothing has been remodeled for at least 45-50 years. The room is tiny, tiny, tiny, as are most any rooms in Manhattan, and the screenless window--which looks out over 55th street--opens right up so that if you get in a down mood, you're 17 stories away from oblivion. Or, more accurately, if you sleepwalk...

But it is enjoyable. Today, found a great Thai restaurant which apparently used to be a favorite of John F. Kennedy Jr. We also braved the crowds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Rembrandts. After the Rembrandts, which are part of a special exhibition which is pretty crowded, be sought after 1) Washington Crosses the Delaware, which is on a huge canvas which takes up an entire huge wall but which took us half an hour to find even though we were stopping every few feet to ask help and 2) the John Singer Sargent collection, which made me go wow, is that guy good. The Frank Lloyd Wright room was closed. On the way to these places, we came across many other treasures, including several Winslow Homers.

The Met is a world treasure and well worth the trip to NYC on its own merits. But man, do you get tired fighting the throngs. And the "suggested" admission donation is now $20, up from $8 a few years back. Give them credit, they offer you the opportunity at the ticket window--of which there are at least a dozen, each with a long line--to lower your own price, which I did not.

But the big thing about NYC is the getting to and from where you are going. I have taken some pictures, but I won't be able to post them until I get home. Now, it is off to find a meal and some music.