Larger pics from 47th Street and 5th Ave.

This light post in Bryant Park, right next to the New York Public Library, is back lit by the sunshine, yet the front of the post is well lit as well. That is due to a glass-covered skyscraper behind my back which is reflecting sunlight onto the park, giving the whole place a double dose of sunshine. In the 45 degree weather (it was warmer in MN this weekend than in NYC), the sunshine was appreciated.

Lance thought I should capture the bright color of the pineapple this woman was cutting in a kiosk in Bryant Park. As much as I tried (see the reflection) to make it look like I was taking a picture of something high above, the woman caught me and gave me a good glare. No matter. As you can see from the certificate in the lower left-hand corner, she is certified by the New York City Business Integrity Commission.

This distinguished gentleman stood atop the granite blocks outside the New York City Public Library to watch the parade.

These parade watchers, the cop, the lions, the people on the balcony of the library--even the blooming mums--seem equally content to view the passing military parade.

I can't imagine that these majorettes are as comfortable in the 45 degree weather as are the well-dressed cops. The cops look to be having more fun, anyway.