Zion Lutheran of Ada

Spoke tonight at Zion Lutheran in Ada, MN. I had never been inside that church before, and I hadn't even known it was there! So, it was a pleasant surprise.

The men of the church made fetuccini alfredo. It was done very nicely, and they had salad with bleu cheese dressing. Now that warmed my heart. And a good dessert of a tri-colored ice cream with those wafers on the side. Real nice.

Then, we moved to the sanctuary. It was one of the most responsive crowds I have ever sung to or spoken to. Of course, I probably knew over half of them before-hand from the nursery.

The church had a beautiful Sohmer upright piano. Sohmer pianos are hand-made in this country. It is a small company, and they put out very few pianos annually, but if you can get ahold of one, you'll like it a lot.

(Okay, I just looked it up and of course, Sohmer has been purchased by Samick out of Korea and now the pianos are manufactured overseas. Ugh. So, get ahold of a used Sohmer, one that was made here. I have played on Samicks, and they just don't hold up.)

TODAY featured three hours of snow flurries in the early afternoon. They tapered off by coffee time. The south wind is bringing in some warmer temperatures, so I suspect the dusting of snow will be melted off by morning. At least I hope so.

I did sit up in the crow's nest for a long while this afternoon and watch the puffs of big flakes swirl across the swamp. It was mesmerizing. I do enjoy the fact that the birds still come to the feeder no matter what the weather. They are faithful friends, even if the feeder is emptied nightly by the squirrel and I don't always get out to fill it right away in the morning.