Grace period

November 19, and what a beautiful day. I went out in the woods to find stovepipe the try to keep the squirrel from climbing the bird feeder. When I get out in the woods––"in the woods" meaning the area where we throw things and have thrown things for 70 years––I tend to forget why I came there and start digging up treasures from the piles of scrap metal. Today, I stayed on task and built what I regard as an impregnable shield. We'll see tomorrow morning if the bird feeder is once again empty.

The chickadees are ravenously hungry. While I was fashioning the stovepipe, they continued to attack the sunflower seeds only a few feet from me. When the stovepipe was in place, the chickadees took about ten minutes to get used to it. Most of them aborted one or two incoming flights until they figured out that the stovepipe was a permanent feature which they would have to get used to if they wanted food.

Then I held out some seeds to see if they would eat out of my hand, but no luck there. If I were more patient, maybe, but I wanted to go wash windows while the weather was good.