Hunter and Santana

Speculation is abounding about whether the Twins will be able to retain either Torii Hunter or Johan Santana. Hunter is a free agent, but Santana is under contract for another year. The feeling is, however, that if Santana is going to leave after next year, the Twins should trade him now so they at least get something for him.

Now would that ever make me blue. Santana was my favorite from the first few months he was with the Twins as a rookie. I watched his rise with satisfaction, and for the past couple of years I have arranged my schedule so I could watch Santana pitch. The thought of seeing him in another uniform galls me.

True, the Twins could fill all the holes in their line-up by trading Santana. However, the cost in the loss of the just plain fun of watching the best pitcher in baseball every five days would be high.