It was my job to make the turkey again this year. Instead of listening to Martha Stewart, which I did last year with mediocre results, I used one of those oven bags. It turned out very good. After three hours, the meat just fell off the bone. Others brought casseroles and mashed potatoes and pies and there was a plethora of food.

With a couple of football fans in attendance, the television roared in the background, adding a traditional flair to the proceedings.

TORII HUNTER is no longer a Twin. He signed a ridiculous contract with the Anaheim Angels yesterday, $90 million over five years. The Angels came in at the last moment and topped any other offer by $15 million. The Twins were never in contention.

Although I have enjoyed Hunter's catches in centerfield and his occasional clutch hits in the eighth inning, I have not been a fan of his pompous verbosity, his proclivity for criticizing teammates, for annointing himself team leader, and so on. His constant meditations with the press on where else he might play were a distraction this year, although Hunter had his best year ever at the plate. So, he peformed well on the field, but was a distraction off it. He will be difficult to replace.