The temperatures have plummeted. Today will be spent hovering around the zero mark.

Yesterday was decent. I drove to Bemidji for a meeting. Then I worked my way back west on Highway 2, stopping at Faith Lutheran in Bagley to do a program for their WELCA. What I didn't expect was that the ladies from the Clearbrook Lutheran church canceled their circle meeting so they could come down to Bagley to see me! I was honored, of course, but I did change some of the presentation knowing that some of the ladies had heard it at least four times.

Then it was back on Highway 2 to cross to Grand Forks where Lance's photography exhibit was opening at 5 p.m. Just west of Crookston, after the weather looked decent most of the way, I hit a wall of snow. It hit fast. By the time I was in Grand Forks, visibility was low.

Even so, there was a good turnout at the opening. Afterwards, about 10 of us, including a couple of photographers who have mentored Lance, as well as their spouses, struggled over to the Toasted Frog for supper. The food was good, but whoa was it cold when we left there at about 10 p.m.

At Lance's show was a student from Sri Lanka. I asked him about the weather, and he said that he had arrived at UND last January and it was a rude shock. And he wasn't ready for yesterday, either. He couldn't believe how suddenly the weather can change here. Before last year, he had never experienced weather under 50 degrees F. Another student was from Mexico City, and even though the elevation there is 12,000 feet, the last time they have had snow was in 1956.

And they ended up in North Dakota.