Santana trade talks begin

Weblog reader Irene passes along the news that the Twins are talking trade with the New York Yankees. This is galling news. Unlike the departure of Torii Hunter, which I didn't lament, the departure of Johan Santana would be a jolt. His trade value, which may not be that great, as Strib writer Joe Christianson points out. Unlike when the Twins traded Frank Viola and used the trade to rebuild their team to the point where they won the 1991 World Series, Santana's departure isn't likely to make the Twins a better team.

In addition, although I sometimes enjoy pulling against former Twins who leave for big money, relishing their every subsequent failure, I couldn't do that with Santana. He's just too good and too much fun to watch. But to have to pull for him in a Yankees uniform? That would probably give me an ulcer or something.