Joe's new video

Joe has posted a new video on Youtube. It is a song he wrote and it is introduced by Ocie.

Ocie has been here for the past six weeks helping with fall work. He is from Chicago. He met Joe at a meditation retreat in Illinois, and Joe recruited him to come to work.

However, on the bus on the way up here, Ocie fell asleep with his head against the window. When he woke up, his neck was pinched. He was in incredible pain.

The doctors at first didn't really take it too seriously--until he got to a good specialist in Crookston who took an MRI which showed a disc in Ocie's neck jutting right into the spinal cord. It hurt for me to look at it. The pain was so excruciating for Ocie that he ended up getting sick from the pain pills necessary to calm it down enough for him to sleep.

Through it all, however, Ocie worked hard digging trees, even when he was pretty much limited to one arm.

We made an appointment for a surgeon in Alexandria. Two weeks ago, I took Ocie down there. In the two days before the appointment, however, he improved greatly. The surgeon said if there is improvement, just let it go. Since that time, the pain has gone. The herniated disc has pretty much healed itself.

Tomorrow morning, Ocie heads back to Chicago after a fairly harrowing experience in Fertile, MN, a place completely exotic to his previous experience.

I have not yet bounced my theory on physical suffering (see below) to Ocie. I think I'll wait.