The Santana race is on

Now the Yankees have been joined by the Angels, the Red Sox and the Mets in the bidding for the services of Johan Santana. This is good news. As I pointed out below, the teams are trading for about one year of Santana--and then they have the right to pay him about $150 million to keep him longer. You would think teams wouldn't go crazy over such a proposal, but when you get the Yankees and the Red Sox bidding against each other, there is no rationality. I say the Twins should milk all they can out of the deal. The Yankees, for a change, have some very good young pitchers that they can offer in trade.

In a deal like this, the real risk is taken by the team getting the great player. Viking fans remember the disastrous Herschel Walker trade. The Vikings traded away a slew of future draft picks for Walker, and he was a washout. Now, Santana isn't likely to just disappear after a trade, but when you trade, say, five players for one great one, you are putting all your eggs in one basket. Pitchers are fragile. Santana could feel a snap in his arm next spring and be done for good. Meanwhile, the Twins might have three or four players, of which one or two might make it good.

Jason Bartlett is on the trading block. I think that is good. He has improved greatly, but he just isn't blessed with the type of temperament that you want at shortstop.