Each winter, the Northwest Minnesota Foundation has a board appreciation dinner. Usually it is held at a restaurant, but when I was put in as chair of the board, I decided to have the dinner at my house.

It will be catered, thank goodness. But suddenly I have all kinds of worries, most of them fun worries. I am going to have three tables of 8 people each, but how should the people be seated? I decided to separate them into boisterous ones (who I am putting in the dining room), moderate ones (left side of living room), and quiet ones (those who speak softly but carry a big stick) on the right side of the living room. We'll see how that works. Of course, it will work--but you want people to have fun.

With the iPod, you can also plan out the background music--another fun endeavor. I don't know what the people like, but one can always subject others to music you like. So, that is what I will do.