Silva gone

After a run in 2006 as the worst starting pitcher in the American League, Carlos Silva recovered last season to post a mediocre record. And a good thing he did: the market for mediocre pitchers better than the market for wheat, and Silva landed a $48 million dollar contract with the Seattle Mariners.

Good for Silva, bad for baseball. What must Santana be worth in this sort of market? For twenty-five years we have been saying that this sort of craziness can't keep up, and yet, with a brief respite in the late 1980s when the owners were colluding not to hand out big contracts, the craziness has just accelerated.

I was unfair to Silva last winter. I thought he was completely washed up and that the Twins were simply crazy for hanging on to him. But Silva came around. However, the Twins should have dumped him in July so they could have got something in return. I think by that time, Terry Ryan was on autopilot, looking forward to resigning.

In other news, Boof Bonser has shed twenty pounds so far this off-season, and that is with six more weeks to go until spring training. Good for the Boof! He fell flat in the sixth inning last year and the theory is that his ample belly was holding him back.