Some links

Sportswriter Howard Sinker, who works as the official scorer at the Metrodome, explains why Bert Blyleven may be given the short shrift by the sportswriters who vote for the Hall of Fame. I think the Hall of Fame is just plain silliness, but because I have been a fan of Bert Blyleven's since I was in third grade, I would like to see him get the honor. Lesser players have been enshrined ahead of him.

Seth Stohs, a Twins blogger from Warroad, scores an interview with Pat Neshek. I said below that I will have to find a new favorite player if Santana leaves. I forgot about Neshek.

On a completely different note, check out the wedding section in the New York Times. If there ever was a barometer of how different the Midwest is from the East, this is it. Notice the emphasis on honors, careers and pedigree.