Christmas Eve

This year's holiday disorientation is going to be worst than most year's. Yesterday was Sunday, but it really felt like Friday. Tuesday is a holiday. Wednesday will feel like Monday. Then will come another four day weekend, with the New Year's holiday in the middle of the week. Two weeks of chaos.

This time of year isn't my favorite. Everything is screwed up. Throw in the weather and the roads and it really gets confusing.

I am heading to Fargo to pick up my sister at the airport this afternoon. With the weather in southern Minnesota, I wonder if they will get the planes back on schedule in Minneapolis. We have a ham dinner scheduled for tonight, but that might get delayed.

Tomorrow, a chicken dinner at my place at noon.

Friday, off to Tucson.

My parents just returned from Tucson last night. The roads were a nightmare for almost the entire trip. So, I will be watching the weather channel, hoping to sneak in between storms.

I have been longing for Tucson for the better part of six weeks. One thing with Tucson: It never disappoints me. I can long for it, imagine it, dream of it, and when I get there--it is always as good as I imagined and usually better.

In fact, Tucson is my Christmas.