Off to Tucson

Tomorrow morning, it is off to Tucson. I am glad we waited the extra day as the weather is going to be a whole lot nicer down I-29. The goal tomorrow is Omaha. We'd better get there because I already paid for a hotel room on Priceline. Stupid: I bid $65 thinking I would get a really, really nice hotel normally priced $125. Nah. I got one that is normally priced $66. So I saved $1. The tax on the room is $19, so the total came to more like $85. From the hotel's website, the place looks a little seedy.

Three people, three cars. Seems crazy, but that's the way it is going to work. I will drive my Ford Ranger with 221,000 miles on it; Lance will drive his Camaro, and Lance's little brother Jonny, who decided to tag along a couple of weeks ago, will bring his Dodge Neon. We have to take three cars because we're all going in separate directions after we reach Tucson. Lance will go to Santa Fe later on where he recently won an internship in the Santa Fe Workshops, a well-known photography seminar. This is a great opportunity for him to work with the top photographers in the nation, people who shoot for Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, and so on.

Jonny, Lance's baby brother, wanted to take some time off from school. He didn't know what to do, so I flippantly said come with us to Tucson and he took us up on the deal. He will then hike up the West Coast to see friends, ending up in Portland, OR., or wherever he takes a liking to.

I don't have to be back here until the middle of February. I haven't decided what to do with the first two weeks of February once I leave Tucson on the thirty-first of January. I could go anywhere, I guess.

I am hoping to do some writing. I have two possible book projects. If one of them took off--that is, if I started to put myself into one of the two--I might just stay put and keep working. However, I am not going to punish myself too badly if I do nothing but hike on the trails around Tucson and read.

The book on Halstad that I finished writing in September was due out December 1. However, the editor had other projects which came first, so it has been delayed. No skin off my teeth. My part is pretty much finished. However, I am looking forward to seeing it between covers. The absolute drop-dead deadline is summer, as Clarence the publisher is going to use the Halstad 125th celebration this summer to promote the book.

Apparently, the editor is slicing up the book pretty good. She found some of my history sections a little bit belabored, which isn't surprising. I remember in college when I would be devastated when a professor suggested removing even one sentence of my immortal words. Now, I don't give a rip. If the editor finds it tedious, get rid of it!