A day on I-29

Traveled today from Fertile to Omaha. Stopped in Fargo to pick up some walkie talkies, since we are in a caravan––and then we filled up on knoefla soup at Kroll's diner before the trip.

Travel goes faster in a caravan, it seems. Blabbing on the walkie talkie makes things go fast. I also had Barack Obama's book Audacity of Hope on my iPod so listened to several chapters read by the author. That really makes time go fast. However, I think I have gotten Obama's point. He's smart, he's subtle, he's a conciliator and he's an orator. He's also smooth as silk. I'll check out a couple of chapters tomorrow, but if I keep getting the feeling that I have heard it before, I will move on. That's what I do with most books I start reading, anyway. I made it fifty pages into Grapes of Wrath before figuring that I knew what Steinbeck was trying to prove so I didn't need to read any more.

What does come through is Obama's essential optimism about the human condition. It is infectious, and although I can't say I share it to that extent, it sure is preferable to the politics of anger.

We were granted travel mercies. The roads were dry. The first half of the trip was hazy. Then the sun came out at about four o'clock and the sunset along the Missouri River was beautiful.

Met friends from Grand Forks for supper at a Thai restaurant. Very authentic. Whoa, was it spicy.

The hotel I was given after bidding on Priceline turned out to be okay. It hasn't been remodeled for twenty-five years or so, but it is very clean and it has absolutely great beds with fluffy comforters. It has about 180 rooms but tonight, our three cars are sitting alone in the parking lot. Bizarre. I think there were about six rooms lit up. Must be a slow night.