Perfect day in Tucson

A little sprinkling of rain during the night made things smell fresh and spicy on the desert this morning. Then the clouds cleared away and it became a perfect, warm day. T-shirts, shorts, windows down on the pickup. Above is the little alcove on our little condo which overlooks the mountains. 

From the little mountain behind the condo, I can get a perfect view of the Catalina Mountains. I suspect that you weblog readers are going to get sick of my many pictures of the range by the time this month is over. Here is another with the condo complex in the foreground.

On the way to find the mailboxes today, I met Bruce the maintenance man for the complex. Boy, did I get an earful. Thin as a rail and obviously a heavy smoker, Bruce spent ten minutes educating me in the world of condo complex maintenance men. He used the jargon of the trade. The one complex had a "high rental census." They were doing turnarounds and transfers and conversions and for each there are different maintenance standards, and when the manager called him and told him off for doing something sloppy he said you have to tell me which set of standards you want me to meet and by gum, I'll meet them. "That shut her up in a hurry!" he said with satisfaction, and all I could say was that I'll bet it did.

The main order of business for the day was sneezing and sniffling. Ugh. I did take a walk with the camera, and we went to the Ghandi Indian Restaurant for the buffet, which was excellent, as always.

I confess to reading many political blogs and news sites today. The Iowa effect is quite amazing. Iowa did end up proving something: Obama got out the vote, more effectively than even his organizers imagined, and Huckabee survived his alleged gaffes of the past week. I think it was a pretty exciting result, and I confess that I really enjoy watching the Clinton machine crack up. Same with Edwards and Romney, the twin phonies. Authenticity won in Iowa. I think it is for the better.