Boy, the tone sure has changed in the past few days on the Democratic side. Clinton just can't seem to open her mouth without issuing a barb at Obama, and to his discredit, Obama has at times gotten prickly in return. I think he took the New Hampshire lost a little harder than it first appeared. Like many, he thought he was on his way to a coronation.

I mean, the points Clinton has tried to score on Obama are ludicrous. Just what has she done that makes her more ready from day one than Obama? Her experience as first lady? I know she's ready to press forward mechanically with her whole laundry list of issues, but I find her brittle, lacking in some of the more subtle leadership traits. Even her tearing up was not over some great issue such as veterans who have been maimed, or children who have gone without health care, but over herself.

On the Republican side, Mike Huckabee continues to hit the pulpit hard. His argument is difficult for the Republicans to refute: You've used evangelicals for votes for thirty years, now its time for one of us to take our turn at the top. Bush, you say? Well, a lot of people sort of wonder about his evangelical credentials. He never did give up four letter words, and that alone makes him suspect. Huckabee's the real deal.

McCain is riding a wave. However, he is unpopular with the social conservatives. Really, it seems like he might win, but it won't be pretty.

I am pulling for Romney, my least favorite candidate of all, to win Michigan, just to make things interesting. He hasn't spent enough of his own money yet. Ron Paul is being dragged down by his sloppiness in allowing some racists to spout in the same newsletter which had his name on the masthead. Apparently, his devotion to freedom of speech extends that far, which is fine, but not amenable to a credible presidential run.

Wouldn't it be fun if there were at least one convention this year which actually had to decide who to nominate without knowing ahead of time? I'd tune in. The last few conventions have been real yawners.