Email forwards

Disheartening: I have been getting many email forwards from people who seem respectable enough, but see fit to send along word that Barack Obama 1) attended a Muslim school 2) refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag 3) is secretly Muslim 4) is part of a Muslim plot to take over the United States.

These emails come with a line inserted at the top: "Don't know if this is all true, but it is something to think about." Or, "Please pray! Our nation is in peril!"

This ugliness infuriates me. None of the above points are true. All of them were debunked as soon as they hit the internet--which was two years ago. But nothing will get in the way of what people want to believe, that is for sure.

What gets me is that otherwise decent people seem eager to believe this stuff. And when does the paranoid, libelous crap start circulating furiously? Just when it becomes clear that Barack Obama might have half a chance.

I have received a couple of emails defending Hillary Clinton against my criticisms. She is enormously talented. I will grant that her experience as first lady is not irrelevant. And I think her administration would be competent and more moderate than her promise-them-everything campaign rhetoric might lead one to believe. But I don't think she has the ability to inspire and unite that Obama has. And I am uncomfortable with Bill Clinton hanging around the White House. It is almost like having a three-term presidency, possibly four-term. I am frankly tired of them both. Not as tired as I am of the present occupant, but close. Let's turn the page.