A trip back

This isn't the first time this great collection of pictures has appeared on this website, but the Library of Congress has added a few more thousand color pictures from the 1930s and 1940s since the time I last posted. This site is addictive. I include it for those of you back in the below-zero weather who would prefer to sit inside by the computer. 

Many of the photographs concern the home front of World War II. A great novelty of that time was women working on military equipment. 

I am struck by the compositional strength of the photos. These people knew how to handle a camera. Color film was expensive at the time, so it is unlikely that these photos would have been taken if the government wouldn't have sponsored the photographers. 

This photograph of a metal lathe worker shows a pretty savvy use of lighting. 

Although this picture was taken in rural New Mexico, I suspect it could just as easily have been taken in Norman County, Minnesota.