Leaving Tucson

It is always difficult to leave Tucson. I love the warm temperatures. I love driving with my window down in January. I love wandering the parking lot while they change my oil, basking in the rays. I love walking outside at night and having it feel like a September evening after a frost. No mosquitoes. Bright star light.

Today, a man yelled at me from across the condo parking lot. "You must be from up north!" I asked him how he knew. He pointed to his sweater, then my T-shirt and said, "you northerners are running around like it is warm out!" I would call the upper 50s warm.

Up north, back home, it is hitting twenty-some below tonight. I do not envy those who are left behind in the tribulations of a Minnesota January. And I am not keen on joining them. However, room rates skyrocket in Tucson in February as the Gem and Mineral show comes to town. So, tomorrow will be our last day.

We were planning to head to Phoenix for a couple of days, but the Superbowl is there this weekend and I would kind of like to avoid all that hoopla, traffic and expense.

So, as usual, plans are up in the air.