Word from the Hilton

Aunt Olla called this morning. I asked her how things were at the Hilton.

"I don't know," she said, sounding ominous. "We're having a lot of hamburger."

After some interrogation, it came out that hamburger is the poor man's food and Olla is really worried about what Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty is doing to nursing home funding. Evidence? Hamburger seems to be their staple in the dining hall. Also, carrots. Carrots every day. And everybody knows how cheap they are.

"I sure hope we don't have a depression and they ship us all off to camps," Olla said, adding that if it happened, of course she'd adjust.

She's been so busy that the thousands of pictures she was going to label before she dies have just been sitting there. Her ambitions now are to get one box done. I keep telling her if she did a little bit each day, she'd be done in no time, but she's just too busy.

Meanwhile, I recently visited with my sister in Bend, OR. She met a woman at a gym who started working out three days a week ten years ago--when she was 87. No kidding. Everybody at the gym calls her Grandma. So, it is never too late.