Last night I was the entertainment for about 150 accountants of the county departments of Human Services throughout Minnesota. They were having their convention at Breezy Point Resort near Pequot Lakes.

I always try to figure out what the group will be like ahead of time, so as I was quizzing the woman who hired me, she finally said, "We're really a bunch of nerds!"

Well, that was a relief.

It was a fun group. I adjusted my regular presentation a little to include more accountant-related material. At one point, I was completely lost and just had to stop and figure out where I was. I never really figured it out, but I think at that point I was done.

In addition to a nice fee, I got a free room at the resort, a dinner of prime rib and a breakfast buffet that was pretty darn good. So, it was a nice break. Lots of driving, however.

I then went to Fargo to visit the yard of weblog reader Renee. I don't usually go out visiting yards, but in this case, it was a birthday gift to Renee from her husband!

So, that was fun. Renee treated me to one of the best glasses of lemonade I have ever drank. Today was a lemonade day.

Tomorrow night, I speak to a group of Norwegians in Grand Forks. I thought that was the only engagement for the day until Elaine called from Oklee. "Just confirming that you are going to speak to us on Friday at one o'clock!" Oh, you betcha, I said, I'll be there!

If she hadn't called, I would have missed it completely. That one slipped through the cracks.

Then, Saturday I am hauling Aunt Olla down to Home Lake township where she is going to deliver a lecture on family history to the Erickson family. Should be interesting. I will bring my camera.

THOSE TWINS! What has gotten into them? They are playing well. They are mopping up on the National League, which is exactly what they needed to do. They are now seven games over .500, which really is a dream!

And the Mets? Aided by the mighty Johan Santana, they have lost more than they have won.

Of course, the Twins can't get too cocky: Today, the pitcher they shipped to Tampa Bay for Delmon Young, Matt Garza, threw a one-hitter for the surprising Rays. Meanwhile, Delmon Young is riding the bench for the Twins. He has been a major disappointment.