Oklee to Grand Forks

Traveled to Oklee this afternoon to perform for a group of Senior Citizens at the fair there. On the way home, I spotted these roses just east of Brooks. 

"Brooks" is an appropriate name for a town with this beautiful scene of wild roses growing by a brook. It was one of the most charming scenes I have ever run across in this area.

After a nap, I headed to Grand Forks to speak to a stevne, a group of Norwegians from a particular county in Norway, I am not sure which. After the meeting, which was enjoyable, I headed across some back roads out in the valley. 

June is a grand time in the Red River Valley. The crops are green. The sun stays up late. Thunderstorms pass over and form mountain ranges to the east. The colors are more vivid as the evening progresses.

Once off the main road, I ran into this church,Walle Lutheran. From the yard of the church, this view to the east struck me. The cemetery looked neat and dignified.

Only three miles to the east stood East Walle church. There were probably one or two active farmsteads between the two churches. One hundred years ago, enough population existed in the countryside to require two churches.