Erickson reunion

After nine months of anticipation, Aunt Olla succeeded in giving the Erickson clan a tour of their ancestral stomping grounds southeast of Twin Valley yesterday.

It poured rain. But no matter. They brought umbrellas and rain ponchos and an estimated thirty people drove in a caravan over muddy roads to look at a couple of farmsteads with historic significance as well as a few empty fields where their family homes used to stand.

Olla talked into a microphone which sent a signal to a remote speaker which one of the family members held. It was remarkable how many of the family endured the mud bath in good humor. Olla told about how the Ericksons were looked up to because they had a three hole outhouse. Olla and her friend Ruth would sit in the outhouse for hours so they wouldn't have to work.

Afterwards, the whole crew went to the cafe in Twin Valley for lunch. The poor staff was overwhelmed, but they did a good job. The food was pretty darn good.

Aunt Olla was all decked out for the occasion. The staff at the Hilton got her ready for the big day, and she was able to get in the pickup with no problem. She turned down the wheelchair and walked down the sidewalk into the cafe, which surprised me. In fact, Olla has improved a great deal in the past two weeks. Her voice has improved and so has her general vigor.

I have yet to find out what Olla's next goal will be. She's getting awfully close to her 97th birthday, so perhaps she will start looking forward to that.