Elitists gather

Tonight, went to a post-election gathering. The common denominator: We were all glad the national election went the way it did. At the end, we decided we were a bunch of elitists (several farmers, one nurseryman, a teacher, etc.), although the bottle of champagne went unopened.

However, there was no escaping that Minnesota Democrats blew it by nominating Al Franken for the U.S. Senate. A stuffed doll with the DFL label on it would have beaten Norm Coleman in this climate, yet Franken somehow managed to lose.

Also, it is not a matter of pride that Michelle Bachmann is still holding a seat in the Minnesota congressional delegation. Uff da. "We really need to media to do an expose," she said last month, "to see if liberal members in Congress hold anti-American views."

That's just the type of ignorant paranoia I hope we can get away from, the notion that there is a secret cabal of anti-Americans who are really plotting to take the country down. Crazy, loony stuff. And people believe it!

The sorry state of the Minnesota DFL party nonwithstanding, it is great that Obama won.

I am happy that our township of Bear Park went for Obama by a 2-1 margin. However, there are only 100 of us. Sundal township, next door, also went 2-1 for Obama, but Franken and Coleman tied in Sundal. Good for the people of Sundal, who number even fewer than Bear Park.

Obama's choice of Rahm Emmanuel for chief-of-staff is interesting. The guy's a jerk, but generally the most effective chief-of-staffs have been jerks. I suspect that Obama, given his confidence that he was going to win, has been thinking about staffing for months. His choice of Emmanuel is no accident, but it sure is interesting. I wouldn't want to work for the guy.