Dreary weather

November is here, and it is normal. Cold, cloudy, dreary. The ground is freezing up solid. The colors in nature are fading to muted browns, tans and grays.

The deer hunting season here runs all week, so there will still be some day-glow orange out in the woods this week. I wish there was more. The deer, or course, disappeared immediately Saturday morning. They need to be rustled out of their hiding places.

At least eight deer were taken on and around the nursery on Saturday. I didn't hear many shots on Sunday, so I assume things were pretty slow. But given the number of deer we have been seeing, there are plenty left.

I am still trying to record Pirates on the Prairie. Reading the book aloud has taught me a lot. I didn't realize I had so many speech impediments, and I didn't realize that I tend to write in tongue-twisters. So, I end up re-recording many segments. It is easy with Joe's recording system to jump backwards and start the paragraph over, but it seems that once you flub, it is tough to get going again. You keep making the same mistake again and again and pretty soon you get flustered.

Whenever I hit the word "district," as in "district tournament," I lisp it out and have to go back and say it distinctly. Also, the word "particularly" is impossible for me to pronounce, and in my writing I use it more than normal. It must be one of my favorite words. I didn't know that until I tried to read the book aloud.

So, it is just to keep chiseling away.