Abiquiu Dam

From the plane yesterday, I saw a beautiful part of New Mexico and was able to identify this lake and dam, called Abiquiu Dam. Here is a larger view. Take note of the semi crossing the dam. 

It was fun to be able to drive to something I had seen from the plane. Turns out it wasn't far out of the way to where I was going, El Rito. There are two El Rito's in New Mexico. This one is in the north, and it a tiny hamlet. 

Lance is apprenticing for a photographer in El Rito. I found these fresh eggs laid by the chickens out back right on the handle of the garbage can lid. If they would have been laid off to the side a little, they would have rolled off the lid. We ate these and two others for breakfast. They were superior. 

And then last night, while out for a walk, I was treated to one of New Mexico's impossibly colorful sunsets.