Perfectly clear

What a perfect day. I drove 512 miles from Santa Fe to Tucson and didn't see one single cloud the entire way. When I hit Hatch, NM, I saw 86 degrees on the bank thermometer. I think that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it felt awfully good.

What scenery. The drive from Albuquerque to Tucson is utterly beautiful. You wander down the valleys between the "desert island" mountain ranges. The highway is pretty deserted, so driving isn't too stressful.

The only thing which reminds one that it is November is the fact that the sun went down about six o'clock.

I had a Priceline room purchased before I got into Tucson. I put in a bid that was lower than the Extended Stay hotel I usually inhabit. Well. I got the Sheraton across the street from the Extended Stay. Ha! And when I got to my room, I found it was a suite with a living area, a dining room table and a separate bedroom. Wow. Oh, and a private balcony. Very nice.

What a difference from the bare bones Extended Stay hotel across the street. They skimp on everything, including the lights, which are florescent.

Meanwhile, over at the luxurious Sheraton (which admittedly probably hasn't been redecorated since the 1980s), I am watching the fire pits by the pool out my floor length windows.

I think I love Priceline more than William Shatner does!