Hot weather

Drove around Tucson with the windows down today. It was in the mid-eighties. I have never been to Tucson in November before, and it has a different feel. It doesn't get this hot in January. But it feels good. It is a dry heat, and as soon as the sun starts setting, it cools off nicely.

I haven't taken any pictures yet. I have been spending my time trying to find a place to stay should I come back in January or February. That has been an adventure.

I had originally come down here hoping to snag some sort of condo deal since real estate prices are down. It became clear right away that, no matter what kind of deal I got, a condo would have to appreciate at a dramatic rate to pay for all of the costs of maintaining it. If you add in the taxes and possible inflation, it is more sensible to rent an apartment for a couple of months rather than have the hassle of maintaining a property year-round.

So, I got into the furnished apartment scene later than I should have and many of them are already rented. However, I have a couple on the string today that are intriguing. One is fantastic, and in a perfect location--but is double the price of one which is plenty nice, but in a little bit of a rougher neighborhood. So, I am sitting here flipping coins.

Oddly, if I just wanted to stay in a hotel, I could probably match the price of a furnished apartment by bargaining on Priceline. But it is so much nicer to have a place.

All nice dilemmas to have. But each year, I reinvent the wheel, deciding where to stay, blah blah blah, before inevitably ending up in Tucson, which never disappoints. I had thought about Santa Fe, but I could tell that it was too cold to have a medicinal effect.

Went to Barnes and Noble today and read a book. That's something I do down here which I just don't get around to at home: Reading. Also went to a movie tonight, which I never do at home. It wasn't worth the price of admission.