The imperturbable Thai

Just returned from a Thai restaurant. It was tremendously busy. No tables, so I sat at the bar, which, like a counter at a breakfast cafe, gave me a great view of the staff in action, both in the kitchen and out amongst the tables.

It was so busy that everybody was hustling like crazy. It reminded me of a May Sunday at the nursery. Except: these were Thai people working and, despite their hustle, there was absolutely--I mean absolutely no sign of stress. No creased brows. No big sighs. No unnecessary drama. No rolling of eyes. No intense glares. Not only were the staff unfailingly sweet to the customers and each other, but they were as calm as if they were on the beach.

I have noticed this about Thai people before, but wondered if I was just seeing people with calm personalities. Tonight, watching about 10 of them in action, makes me think that they have an amazing cultural gift--in addition to their wonderful food.