Mt. Lemmon Highway

Headed up the Mt. Lemmon Highway, which leaves the east end of Tucson and curves around behind the Catalina mountain range which forms a wall on the north side of the city. As you climb, you go through several climates. Here, one final saguaro stands out amongst the live oak, a tree you don't find down in the city of Tucson.

I made it half-way to the top. There was a lot of this nonsense going on. The kid above didn't look like he had it too tough...

...but this guy didn't seem so sure of his rope. 

He struggled for a while deciding what to do...

...before jumping away from the rock and letting out the rope at the same time, which allowed him to fall gently to the next rock down.

Not my idea of a good time. When the rope breaks, they put up one of these.

I much prefer solid ground...with railings.