Show Low

Stopped in the cowboy town of Show Low on the high plateaus of eastern Arizona a couple of nights ago. I checked out a brand name hotel, but it was $119, so I decided to go Ma and Pa for $40. Well, it was a little rough. When I looked under the bed to find an outlet for my computer, the carpet under there was covered in....cigarette butts.

Next door was a park with this statue and a plaque which explained the origins of the town. Two friends co-owned a ranch of 100,000 acres. They determined that it couldn't support two families. Neither had the money to buy the other out. So..they decided to let a game of cards determine the matter. 

At some point in the hand, the one cowboy, who held a three of hearts, said to the other, "show low and you win the ranch." The other guy drew a deuce of clubs. 

So, the town is named Show Low and the main drag is called Deuce of Clubs Avenue.